Honors Program

About the Honors Program

The Honors Program provides a cohort learning experience for top undergraduate Robinson College of Business (RCB) majors who strive to excel academically and accept the challenge of becoming strong, exemplary global business leaders.

Honors classes will be offered for the junior business core courses, junior communications course, RCB electives, and Business Policy (capstone). A total of 27 hours of honors classes must be taken to graduate with honors.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program.

In addition, at least one professional/social event for the RCB Honors students will be offered each semester.

Honors students will also have the opportunity to network with Atlanta business professionals by serving as RCB student ambassadors at both the RCB Hall of Fame dinner and RCB Alumni Awards program.

The RCB Honors Program presents students with a forum for unique opportunities, special recognitions and enhanced career prospects, while enriching the quality of their education.

Benefits of RCB Honors Program

  • Robinson Honors Mentoring Program – Designed to provide pivotal benefits to the mentee (you) and Robinson College of Business
  • Recognition at the RCB Awards program – An honors seal placed on the diploma and transcript
  • A professional/social event offered each semester
  • Special networking opportunities with Atlanta business professionals – Serve as RCB student ambassadors at the RCB Hall of Fame dinner and the RCB Alumni Awards program
  • Robinson Honors Lounge in the college
  • Priority registration
  • Small class sizes
  • Study abroad scholarships for RCB Honors students

RCB Honors Program Requirements

  • Full-time student majoring in business – At sophomore level
  • GSU grade point average of 3.5 – or be a junior transfer who has a transfer GPA of 3.5.
  • Interview with the faculty director of the RCB Honors Program
  • Apply BEFORE taking the junior business core:
    • BUSA 3000
    • MGS 3400
    • FI 3300
    • BCOM 3950
    • MK 3010
    • MGS 3100