Students Transform Ideas into New Ventures

Posted On May 1, 2017

The undergraduate course, ENI 3102: Product Service Design for New Ventures, focuses on designing a product-service to create a profitable company based on customer demand. Students engage in hands-on team activities to discover customer demand, and satisfy that demand by designing and testing their own concepts.

This semester the course was taught by instructor Jeff Levy, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and Harvard Law Graduate. His students designed prototypes and business models for startups in food, fashion, technology and medicine. To bring the semester to a close, ENI: 3102 students worked together to find their team’s “best fit” design and the fastest way to gain customers for their business ideas.

Taking first place–out of a total of six teams–was Bahn Appetite a potential food cart serving a mashup between Vietnamese and French cuisine. Second place went to Geek +, a possible platform to bring mainstream video games and comic book fashion styles to fans.

Written by Loe Cole.