Georgia State Alum Places in Final Round of TYE-U Entrepreneurship Competition

(PHOTO : Second from left – Kenneth L. Wright, Jr., Founder and CEO of KleanCollar.)

The final round of the TYE University Entrepreneurship Competition took place at the largest technology conference dedicated to furthering entrepreneurship, TiECON Southeastern Conference 2017. The conference brings together over 50,000 entrepreneurs and professionals. The two-day event consisted of several keynote speakers, the final round of the TYE-U Entrepreneurship Competition and breakout sessions which highlighted key concepts impacting the entrepreneurship industry today.

KleanCollar, founded by Georgia State Alum Kenneth L. Wright, Jr., tied for third place in the final round of the TYE-U Entrepreneurship Competition. Through innovative products and fashionable technology, KleanCollar is saving one collar at a time. Kenneth L. Wright Jr. received his B.B.A. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship in 2010.

Wright was not the only notable Georgia State Alum participating in the conference. Pete Petit, a healthcare industry entrepreneur, and MBA Alum was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, and featured as a keynote speaker. Petit recently funded Georgia State’s Parker H. Petite Science Center.

Written by Loe Cole.