Wharton Research Data Services

Wharton Research Data Services WRDS provides Web access to a number of financial research databases including:

  • Compustat
  • Prices/Dividends/Earnings (PDE)
  • Bank Annual & Bank Quarterly Files
  • CRSP
  • I/B/E/S

Users must open an account at the WRDS home.

WRDS will notify Terry Decker, who is Georgia State’s WRDS administrator. After Terry verifies that the user is a Georgia State faculty or staff member or student, WRDS will forward the account information to that person who will then be able to access WRDS from anywhere in the world.

How to Register for an Account

  1. Visit http://wrds-web.wharton.upenn.edu/wrds/
  2. On the left side of the page, click “Register for a WRDS Account.”
  3. Complete the Account Request form.
  4. Once you submit an account request, WRDS will send an e-mail to the GSU WRDS Representative, Terry Decker, for approval. After receiving the approval, WRDS will create the account and send you an e-mail message with a special URL and instructions for setting the account password and logging into WRDS.
  5. You may log into WRDS and begin using your new account. Because the service is Internet-based, you can access WRDS from anywhere in the world.

WRDS may be accessed via the Web interface or through a UNIX log in session. Once you have received your account information, consult the “support” tab on the WRDS homepage for further instructions on using these access methods.

Account Parameters

Applies to faculty, Ph.D., staff and research accounts only.

  • Home Directory: Users receive 25MB of permanent storage in their home directory. This is best used for storing programs and other small needs. The directory is located at /home/username.
  • Projects Directory: Users also receive 250MB of permanent project space. This directory is for projects that take more than one run to complete (i.e., needs a few days to generate) or take more than 25MB of space. This directory is located at /projects/school/username.
  • SAS Temp Directory: There is a 90 GB shared workspace designed for actively running programs. Output may be saved there at the completion of a program, but only to be immediately removed. This directory is located at /sastemp. Any file in /sastemp which is either not in use by an active program or being transferred to a user’s home school can be deleted without prior notice. Files on /sastemp are deleted automatically every 48 hours.
  • If a user’s job exceeds these parameters, the process will automatically be deleted. To avoid this outcome, users are only permitted to run one program at a time. Multiple submissions are prohibited.

A staff of technical and research specialists may be reached at [email protected]. They are available to assist you with difficulties pertaining to database access, data queries, and programming in SAS, FORTRAN or C. If you request support related to a particular program that you are unable to execute successfully, please copy the program into the body of your e-mail for a quicker response. This is helpful for detecting any errors in your program.