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How to Become a Customer-Centric Company

Posted On March 10, 2016 by Ken Bernhardt
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Customer-centricity has become a hot topic in marketing recently. A Google search on “customer-centric” yielded 4,120,000 results. Consulting companies, large and small, have been promoting their capabilities to help companies become customer-centric. Some use the term customer-focused and some like Forrester prefer customer-obsessed, but all share similar thinking regarding what companies should be doing.

Do-It-Yourself Marketing Research

Posted On December 18, 2015 by Ken Bernhardt
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Conducting marketing research is always important for small businesses, even though most do not do much research. It takes time and costs money, two important constraints for many companies. However, more information is available via the Internet than ever before, and it is easier to conduct marketing research at a reasonable cost today.

How to Present to the Board of Directors

Posted On June 19, 2015
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Last month I had the opportunity to hear one of my most accomplished former students, Rick Lenny, speak to the Georgia State University Marketing RoundTable. Although his comments were wide-ranging, one important topic was “How to Present to the Board of Directors.”

Building an Effective Advisory Board

Posted On February 20, 2015
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Access to affordable high-quality advice can enhance the effectiveness of any company. One way for any size organization to obtain high-quality advice is via an advisory board.

An advisory board is a group of independent people who provide advice and support to the owners/management of a business. It is different from a board of directors.… more »

What I Learned from Truett Cathy

Posted On October 17, 2014
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Sept. 10 was Truett Cathy’s funeral. It was a wonderful celebration of the life of the founder of Chick-fil-A and brought back many memories for me personally.

I have been blessed by having the opportunity to do marketing consulting for Chick-fil-A for the past 34 years. When I started, there were only 35 employees in… more »

Marketing Dashboards: Metrics That Matter

Posted On August 1, 2014
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It seems like every article about marketing these days is focused on Big Data or marketing metrics. All of them describe the need for marketers to take more advantage of the increasing amounts of data available. I argued in one of my columns last year that what is needed is not more data, but more… more »

Trust Matters: A Paradox

Headline after headline recently documents the decline in trust by U.S. consumers. Consider the following:

The Harris Poll 2014 Reputation Quotient study reports that less than half the population trusts companies to act responsibly with their private data. Six in 10 have decided not to do business with a company based upon something they learned… more »