Notable Alumni

Name Most Recent Title(s) Graduation Year
J. Mack Robinson chairman emeritus
chairman, Gray Television
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company
Kat Cole group president, Focus Brands 2010
Ann-Marie Campbell president (Southern Div), The Home Depot 2005
Elizabeth Gordon president, The Flourishing Business 2005
Deepak Raghavan co-founder, Manhattan Associates 1998
Brent Wouters president and CEO, Cirrus Aircraft Corporation 1997
Keith Haas president, Oldcastle Retail, Inc. 1995
James Patton president, Triton Marketing, Inc. 1994
Vivian Wright president, Common Sense Solutions 1993
Christine Jacobs chairman, CEO, and president, Theragenics Corporation 1991
Gregory Kenith president, Flooring Design Group 1990
Michael Russell CEO, H. J. Russell & Company 1990
John Bauer president, Tropical Nut and Fruit Company 1989
Charles Schobel president, BioLab, Inc. 1988
Richard Little chairman, Rosser International 1988
Sherry Hwang president and co-founder, Pyramid Systems 1987
Rene Diaz president and CEO, Diaz Foods 1987
James Douglass CEO, Vesdia Corporation 1987
John Piazza president, Southern Cathodic Protection Company 1987
Martin Spencer president/CEO, GeckoSystems 1987
William H. Rogers, Jr. president, CEO and COO, SunTrust Banks Inc. 1986
Jeff G. Hwang CEO and co-founder, Pyramid Systems 1986
H. J. Russell president, H. J. Russell & Company 1985
Charles E. Potts president, Banno 1984
Ahmet Bozer president, Eurasia and Africa Group, The Coca-Cola Company 1983
Joseph Gruber president and CEO, Financial Service Corporation 1983
Timothy Gunter president and CEO, Industrial Developments International 1983
Ralph E. Faison director, president, and CEO, Pulse Electronics Corporation 1983
Sandra Bergeron chairman of the board, TraceSecurity, Inc. 1982
David Haddow president, Haddow & Company 1982
David Vickers CEO, InTown Suites, Inc. 1982
Bradford Ferrer executive vice president, Finance & Administration, CNN Worldwide 1981
Said Mohammadioun managing partner, TechOperators LLC 1981
Alice Torre president, Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation 1981
Peter Black CEO, Kliklok Corporation 1979
Kevin Lofton president and CEO, Catholic Health Initiatives 1979
David Davis president, Infax, Inc. 1978
Wesley Duesenberg president, Southern Insurance Underwriters Inc. 1978
Anthony Alessandra president, Alessandra and Associates 1976
Charles M. “Chuck” Timmons, Jr. president & CEO, Canal Insurance Company 1976
Barbara Babbit-Kaufman CEO, BBK Enterprises 1976
Lawton Nease president, Nease, Lagana, Eden, & Culley, Inc. 1976
A. V. Powell CEO, A.V. Powell and Associates 1976
Stanley Sunshine chairman of the board, Stag-Parkway 1975
Ferrell Coppedge president (Southern Div), Bank of America Business Capital 1975
Bruce Smith president, Georgia Foundation Consultants 1975
Julio Ramirez retired executive VP, Global Operations, Burger King Corporation 1975
Richard Bowers president, Richard Bowers and Company 1974
Robert Donehew CEO, Donehew Capital 1974
Ben Dyer president, Innovations Publishing 1974
Richard Lenny retired chairman and CEO, The Hershey Company 1974
Robert Maynard president and CEO, Piedmont Hospital 1974
Mackey McDonald retired president and CEO, VF Corporation 1974
J.F. Almering president, Haas & Dodd Realty Company 1973
Michael DeDomenico chairman and CEO, NuCo2, Inc. 1973
H. Parker “Pete” Petit president, The Petit Group 1973
George Pickett co-founder, Atlantic Southeast Airlines 1973
Maceo Kennedy Sloan chair, president, and CEO, Sloan Financial Group Inc. 1973
Jerry Benefield retired president and CEO, Nissan Motors Corporation 1972
Kenneth Byers president, Byers Engineering 1972
Patrick Flinn retired chairman and CEO, BankSouth Corporation 1972
Michael Easterly CEO, Brookwood Hill Group 1972
Iqbal Paroo managing partner, Paroo & Associates LLC 1972
Harold T. Bowling retired president, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics 1971
Anthony Burger chairman, Pritchard & Jerden 1971
Andrew N. Baur chairman and CEO, owner, Southwest Bank of St. Louis, St. Louis Cardinals 1970
A. William Dahlberg retired chairman and CEO, Georgia Power Company 1970
E. Vachel Pennebaker president, Sears Roebuck & Company 1970
Dr. Richard T. Burke chairman and retired CEO, UnitedHealth Group; Former CEO, governor and owner of the Phoenix Coyotes 1969
Frank Blount chairman and CEO, JI Ventures 1969
David Holland retired president and CEO, Munich American Reassurance Co. 1969
Kenneth Lewis CEO, Bank of America 1969
Betty Talmadge president, Betty Talmadge Associates, Inc. 1969
Phil Carlock CEO, ECI Group, Inc. 1969
Jerry Dempsey chairman and CEO, PPG Industries 1968
M. Gordon Gaddy chairman, Insurance Administrator’s Group 1968
Robert Griffin CEO, R.J. Griffin Construction 1968
Gerald Hudgins president, Hudgins Construction Company 1968
Robert Love president, Love Properties 1968
Paul Beckham chairman, Hope-Beckham, Inc. 1968
Dennis Hendrix retired chairman, Panenergy Corporation 1967
Richard Hunt president, CEO & director, GB&T Bancshares Inc. 1967
Henry Hicks chairman, Georgia Business Associates 1966
James Copeland, Jr. retired CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 1964
Mildred Kwatinetz president, Morris Brothers Luggage 1963
Dave McKenney chairman, McKenney Mechanical Contractors 1963
Robert Head president, Head Westgate Corporation 1962
James Caswell president, Caswell Realty and Investments 1961
John Cowart president, John Cowart Properties 1959
John Mansfield president, Indigo Land Company 1956
Carl Zwerner chairman, Glass Capital Management 1955
William Bridges chairman, Capital Automobile Company 1952
Sam Massell president, Buckhead Coalition 1951
David Stonecipher president and CEO, Jefferson-Pilot Corporation 1950