Become a Mentor

Leave the legacy of a lifetime…
become a Robinson College honors student mentor.


The J. Mack Robinson College of Business has established a formal mentoring program to foster the tradition of a mentor/mentee partnership. The program is designed to provide benefits to the mentor, the mentee and the Robinson College of Business. Students, new to the corporate world, have been enriched with insights into the structure of the business world, engaged by networking opportunities and become more proficient in their area of expertise. In our pursuit of excellence, we at Robinson aspire to cultivate such mentor/mentee relationships with the support of the business community.

As a mentor to Robinson College honors students, you are helping to transform their lives.

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Investing in Robinson Honors Students yields unique rewards, allowing mentors to:

  • serve as a role model for aspiring professionals
  • form social capital between experienced and emerging leaders
  • validate their aspirations and boost their confidence
  • become a counselor, coach and confidante
  • share expertise and the essence of life experiences
  • capture surprising reflections about themselves and their work that may otherwise never have crystalized

Mentor Testimonials

I found the mentoring effort provided me with a great insight into the minds of Robinson’s most successful students, which helps our recruiting efforts. Mentoring also helps me keep my teaching skills sharp, an important element of my job every day. Among other benefits, I believe the mentees received an accelerated lesson in a specific career specialty. This should allow them to more quickly determine whether a specific course of study or career opportunity is right for them. I also think it helps demystify the workplace. Once the mentees realize we were once in their shoes, they feel more comfortable.”

Bradford W. Ferrer
Executive VP Finance and Administration, CNN Worldwide

The Robinson program offers such real-time exposure for the students into actual
operating developments and developers, that the process ends up being a win-win
exchange for both the Mentor and Mentee. The Mentee gets needed exposure to actual application, and the Mentor gets exposure to developing trends from the student as well as access to a pipeline of a talented future employment pool.”

Aaron Goldman
Perennial Properties

Mentee Testimonials

I have thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring experience. This year, I was one of a few students selected to recruit my own mentor. Not only did I gain valuable business experience, I actually ended up with two mentors who have taken a sincere interest in my academic progress. Obviously I strongly recommend this program to students and executives alike, but not just because I am a student here. From a pure business perspective, mentoring is a mutually beneficial exchange. Companies gain fresh ideas and a chance to develop future leaders, while students gain an unparalleled learning experience. Mentorship is the exchange of ideas, networking, professional development and succession management. Mentorship is business, and Robinson has developed a program that is at the forefront.”

R. Jake Bergmann
BBA Real Estate

The saying goes, you live your life forward but can only learn looking back on it. The mentoring program allows for individuals to reap the benefit of this philosophy. The mentors have actual business experience where students can only imagine what the reality of it may be; they can teach students what they have learned throughout their lives. I believe that this knowledge is more valuable than anything you can learn from a textbook.”

Courtney Marie Phillips
BBA Real Estate