Office of Communications and Marketing


We created this section as a reference for college units when creating marketing materials that fall outside the purview of the Office of Communications and Marketing.


  • A brand identity and design system manual
  • An editorial stylebook, including tips on proofreading
  • Event planning guidelines
  • An overview of services offered by the Office of Communications and Marketing, specifically: public relations, including media relations and event planning; website development; and advertising and marketing strategy
  • Answers to general questions, which are addressed in an FAQs section. For specific questions, e-mail us at [email protected]

Our goal is to create a strong brand identity for the college, an important responsibility that we all share.

We appreciate your support.

Approval Process

In order to catch any stylistic inconsistencies, we ask to review all brochures and marketing materials created by units before they are sent out for production. Please submit creative, in PDF format, to [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to production. Please note that units are responsible for the accuracy of information included in their materials and for proofreading.

Organization and People

Our office is divided into three primary functions:

  • Advertising and marketing strategy
  • Public relations, including media relations and special events
  • Website development
Director of Communications & Marketing
Jennifer Oliver
Assistant Director of Communications & Marketing
Jenifer Shockley
Public Relations Coordinator
Diane Moore
Public Relations Coordinator
Ellie Diaz
Social Media and Senior Administrative Coordinator
Andrea Judy
Digital Communications Specialist
Bobbin Wages

Brand Identity

Brand building is more than a logo. A strong brand is differentiated from its competitive set because it represents a unique storehouse of values and associations. We want the market to associate Robinson with global management education expertise, quality, success, and innovation — attributes that represent actions and shape perceptions.

Logos and PowerPoint Downloads

Editorial Stylebook

Robinson’s Editorial Stylebook is an A-Z reference covering everything from degree acronyms to capitalization to punctuation guidelines for the ever-tricky comma. Much of the content comes directly from Georgia State’s Stylebook, an outstanding and in-depth resource.

Brand Identity and Design System Manual

Robinson’s Brand Identity and Design System Manual provides guidelines for producing a range of materials — banners, postcards, newsletters, name cards, and more. It also covers logo use and the color family that Robinson uses in produced materials.

Website Development Services

The mission of the Web team is to develop a premier marketing communication vehicle to promote our areas of expertise, our programs, and people. To achieve this, our site content must be accurate, complete, easy to navigate, and dynamic.
Submit a request or question to the Web team 

Media Relations

Story Placement & Communications Strategy

The Office of Communications and Marketing is always looking for stories to pitch to the media as well as post on the college’s website, internal newsletter, PantherVision and social media. We welcome any and all ideas.

However, it is important to note that not all ideas are newsworthy, particularly with outside publications. The Office of Communications and Marketing must be careful when dealing with the press to assure that we don’t overload the media with stories that they will not use. If we bombard the press with releases, they will ignore valid stories.

That said, we want to know everything about your research, memberships, promotions, presentations, etc., so that we can help you be recognized for what you do. Also, we can help you determine the best means of delivery for your story, e.g. news release, op-ed, photo-feature, etc.

Tracking Coverage

The Office of Communications and Marketing uses several online databases to locate press coverage about Robinson, its programs and faculty. Stories are forwarded to Robinson’s Executive Committee and Georgia State’s Department of Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

It would also help when someone is interviewed by the press to let Jenifer know with details about the media outlet, the reporter’s name and when the interview occurred. This will allow us to follow up with the reporter and know where to look for a possible story placement. We ask this because the press will sometimes contact faculty and staff on their own without Robinson’s Office of Communications and Marketing knowing.

Preparing Faculty for Media Interviews

If you are uncomfortable talking with print and/or electronic media, the Office of Communications and Marketing can provide you with training and checklists and conduct mock interviews. When the subject is particularly difficult or sensitive, we can provide you with what are known as “rude” questions, things that may not be asked, but that you should be ready for.

We will be glad to take you to local media outlets, particularly if it is your first time. Many of our faculty who are regulars with the media don’t require this service. Oftentimes, media (particularly local TV) will visit the college, and we can sit in on the interview if you wish.

A Few Reminders

  • Media often identify experts to interview by perusing the faculty directory. Make sure that your information is up-to-date and that the areas of expertise with which you are associated are included.
    Request an update to your faculty listing 
  • In order to build the Robinson brand, it is incumbent that it be associated with our faculty just as it is with faculty at the Darden School at the University of Virginia; Tuck at Dartmouth; and Stern at NYU. Whenever you are interviewed, please ensure that the reporter understands that the correct attribution/affiliation is the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

For information or assistance, contact Jenifer Shockley (Ext. 3-7078)

Special Events

Special events are an important part of the internal and external relations strategy of the college. There are several college-wide events, such as graduation and Honors Day, that recognize our students and instill a sense of pride in the Robinson community. Likewise, the more externally oriented Alumni Awards helps us connect with the business community — be they Robinson graduates, or corporate or civic leaders.

Many of you are asked to administer or participate in community and industry events. In all cases, it is critical that these events run smoothly and advance the marketing and branding objectives of the college. Diane Moore (Ext. 3-7079) coordinates all college-wide events and is available to provide counsel on events that you may be called upon to run. For the latter, Diane has created event planning guidelines.

Advertising and Strategic Planning

The Office of Communications and Marketing manages the creation, production and placement of all of the college’s paid advertising. We also can help you develop a strategic communications plan for your unit. For more information, please contact Jenifer Shockley (Ext. 3-7078).


PantherVision was created as the result of a university technology grant designed to improve communications with students. If you have an item that relates to students or activities that students can partake in, please read the PantherVision Content Display Form for requirements and to submit your content.