The mission of the Robinson College of Business is to ensure a diverse set of students emerges with the business skills required to create value in a wide variety of organizations. We strive to do this by employing scholars charged to increase our understanding of how individuals, organizations, governments and markets effectively interact to enhance social well-being. This knowledge will be imparted to our peers and to the current and next generation of business leaders that maximizes their potential to positively impact their lives, families, communities and global society.

Vision Statement

RCB will be the destination choice for highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students who want to become business and academic leaders in a global society, faculty who want to achieve international recognition for research and teaching, and businesses who want to support and partner with a business school that has students and faculty who have the requisite skills to add value to organizations in fast changing, complex, and inter-connected business environments.

Core Beliefs

Our mission is guided by the following beliefs:

The Power of Markets

A market-oriented system best promotes and supports the growth of individual dignity, freedom, and personal responsibility and is the most efficient means to enrich people’s lives. To create long run shareholder value business leaders must engage both the market and societal context in which their firms operate.

Crossing Boundaries

The interesting problems and the tools necessary to gain an appreciation and understanding of complex phenomena often occur across and in-between the boundaries of established disciplines. Environments that promote scholarly engagement across disciplines will have greater impact on wider audiences.

The Global Economic Context, Technology, and Culture Will Profoundly Drive Innovation

Technology is profoundly impacting the boundaries of organizations, the nature of information, the fluidity of labor markets, and the ability to contract. Students must be prepared to work in a world where the global economic context is vast and diverse in cultures, innovative in technologies, and complex in the boundaries that organizations span to create value.

Value is Created by Empowered Individuals and Teams

Value is created by individuals with natural talents who have unique insights regarding the future needs of consumers, firms and societies. Organizations develop resources and have capabilities that enable individuals or teams of individuals to pursue and achieve their personal and professional goals. Thus, individuals can most effectively leverage their creative visions through organizations once they have the business acumen and analytical skills necessary to determine and influence outcomes. An understanding of how individuals interact and work together and how they can best contribute to the development of new ideas is essential for progress and success.

We Will Lead

Our reputation for excellence will be determined by our strategic choices and by our ability to execute on those choices. Execution by a strong community of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and business professionals will greatly contribute to our effectiveness and success.